Issue Fourteen


Paris Pratique

Paris. Neatly numbered by arrondissements and perfectly hemmed in by the Périphérique, it's a gift for storytelling. While tales of other cities find their charm in a sense of sprawl, the impossibil… Read article

La Guajira

A series of coves pits the coast of Colombia’s Guajira Peninsula as it arcs northward into the Caribbean Sea: the Bahía Portete, the Bahía Honda, the Bahía Hondita. From the ground, these bays ar… Read article

A Land of Hope and Glory

‘A twenty-four degree summer’s day,’ the pilot said as they descended. It was dawn and the drifts of cloud flushed pink like new rose petals. Incredibly, wildflowers were pushing up beside the r… Read article

Green Lanes

Green Lanes. It sounds pastoral, nostalgic, faintly utopian – like some network of ancient drovers’ tracks and holloways that endures furtively in a pocket of deep England. But Green Lanes could h… Read article

Two Poems

1. Verger On 3 January 1857, Monseigneur Marie-Dominique-Auguste Sibour, the Archbishop of Paris, was assassinated by a priest, Jean-Louis Verger, at the church of St Etienne-du-Mont. The assassin op… Read article

Once Upon a Tide

Read J.R. Carpenter's Introductory Essay to 'Once Upon a Tide'.   -   ... READ FASTER. READ SLOWER. STOP. NEXT. … Read article

Birds and the Breeze

Midnight: we’re in the final throes of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, at the end of the protagonist’s journey from the Elizabethan era to what was then the present, Thursday 11 October, 1928. … Read article

Boy With a Coney

for Ian Patterson Hearing of molten rock which fell to mountains, meeting with three-faced statues on the beaches, returning suddenly to the fact of marble on sand dunes where the wind whips round my… Read article


When was the last time Sam sat in this room. It must have been three years ago. April 2012. Nothing had changed in the room since then, except that the plastic chairs were now a bit more scuffed and k… Read article