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Every few months there's a news story about a teenage party that gets out of hand. Parents go away, child invites friends on Facebook, party goes viral, house gets trashed. I cringe at the headlines, … Read article


1638 You can only get to Lambeth by ferry.There have I ventured five several times to view the rarities at John Tradescant’s Ark,where I did spend the whole day in perusing,and that superficially, … Read article


I subscribe to a certain literary journal, which I’ll call the London Review of Books. Subscribe to it, but almost never read it. Who has time to do that, academics and book publishers apart? Every… Read article

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RT @TheBendySlow: So between discovering @idleracademy The Happy Reader & @the_junket I pretty much have my lunchtime article reading sorte…

19th March 2015 02:16pm

RT @otolythe: read a wonderful essay by @AnatomyNorbiton on winter paintings from the little ice age by the brueghels…

13th February 2015 10:39am


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