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Syria in Exile

Over Eid al-Adha in September 2015 the Turkish-Syrian border opened to allow around 50,000 Syrians to cross to spend the holiday with their families. It had been closed for nine months. Some travelled… Read article

Carstairs’ Homer

‘You might try something about the sea?’ said Carstairs, although I wasn’t really listening. ‘What's that about the sea?’ ‘You know, how it... looks in this light,’ he clenched his… Read article

Invisible Lives

In the afternoon our house settles into a decadent air. My sisters’ children are asleep, there is the lingering smell of coffee, the corridors are in shade with leaves moving silently outside the wi… Read article

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Junket Tweets

Junket 16 is now live! Featuring rabbits, cats, bees, angels, dragons, ghosts and goats

2nd March 2016 02:13pm

RT @Tomwmarks: Should a fully grown man love the Monkees? @TimSmith_Laing does: @the_junket

2nd October 2015 10:29am


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