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History began in a library. The earliest known collections of writing were found near the Sumerian city of Nippur in modern-day Iraq, and for many scholars these earliest libraries mark the beginning … Read article

‘Positive Feedback’: A Game

Number of Players Required: 2+ Recommended Age: -30 weeks plus Players Will Need: Time Mouths Pencil and paper for scoring (optional) PreparationThe postures, gestures and facial expression… Read article

Silent Motorcade

One of the most iconic amateur films of the last century was Abraham Zapruder’s footage of the JFK assassination. At only 26.6 seconds it has grown to become a visual touchstone of 1960s America, sp… Read article

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Junket Tweets

RT @Tomwmarks: Should a fully grown man love the Monkees? @TimSmith_Laing does: @the_junket

2nd October 2015 10:29am

Junket for your lunchtime perusal? Here's a deft and disturbing history of the Etch A Sketch by @hyenapetticoat -

1st October 2015 12:45pm


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