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I drove past Fung’s a few days ago. Of course, it isn’t Fung’s now. It’s an empty building surrounded by weeds, an ugly breezeblock shell. There’s plywood over the sliding doors, and a spind… Read article

Turnspit Tykes

I know every dog owner thinks theirs is special – but my cairn terrier really is. So monstrously wilful is this outrageous beast, so magnificently unconcerned with pleasing anyone but his fat furry … Read article

The Road Ahead

Katrin! You so slow! Look – everyone behind you is piss off! I look in the mirror. A queue of traffic is building up behind me as I head south on the A202. I’m being cautious. No Katrin, … Read article

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@smartgiles @FT It's great!

18th October 2016 02:18pm

RT @Tomwmarks: 'I can / Almost smell the meats burning early in red mornings': great @Molly__Taylor poem from the new @the_junket https://t…

17th October 2016 09:11am


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