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PERSEID METEORS TONIGHT – COMING FROM JUST BELOW THE W OF CASSIOPEIA IN THE NORTH EAST My father’s text message reaches me late on 12 August as I catch a train to Clapham. I glance out of the win… Read article

An Afternoon in Vence

When we arrived in Vence the Matisse chapel was closed. ‘No problem,’ I told my wife, ‘It’s open tomorrow morning.’ Except it wasn’t – I had misread the guidebook. Waiting until it reope… Read article


Every few months there's a news story about a teenage party that gets out of hand. Parents go away, child invites friends on Facebook, party goes viral, house gets trashed. I cringe at the headlines, … Read article

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Junket Tweets

RT @otolythe: read a wonderful essay by @AnatomyNorbiton on winter paintings from the little ice age by the brueghels…

13th February 2015 10:39am

The Bat Man of Mexico wins Best Exploration @NYWildFilmFest. Director @TomMustill wrote about the shoot in Junket 11:

1st February 2015 12:19pm


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