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Time and the City

8.15am on a Monday morning in 1908. Ruth Belville leaves her modest house on St Luke’s Road in Maidenhead and walks to the station. She gets there 20 minutes later and boards a train for Paddington.… Read article

In the Family Way

The ride arrived on time. But its proud gait, gleaming mane and the big red bow tied to its reins at a jaunty angle could hardly disguise the fact that it was a couple of hands short of being a horse.… Read article

Working Space Thinking

  ‘But inasmuch as any entity within-the-world is likewise in space, its spatiality will have an ontological connection with the world’ – Heidegger I. I’m on a couch at the back of Columbi… Read article

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@beardyhowse Opinion divided at Junket towers. We've got @thediamondgeeza, @ZoePilger, @tallulahloorah, @NabeelahJ, & that's not half of it…

30th July 2014 08:20pm

Junket Issue 12 is almost ready to go, and it's a classic. You might like to start setting aside some of your weekend…

30th July 2014 05:42pm


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