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PERSEID METEORS TONIGHT – COMING FROM JUST BELOW THE W OF CASSIOPEIA IN THE NORTH EAST My father’s text message reaches me late on 12 August as I catch a train to Clapham. I glance out of the win… Read article

An Afternoon in Vence

When we arrived in Vence the Matisse chapel was closed. ‘No problem,’ I told my wife, ‘It’s open tomorrow morning.’ Except it wasn’t – I had misread the guidebook. Waiting until it reope… Read article

Spinning Yarns

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve become aware of threads, bright fibres, at the edges of my vision. Somewhere, someone has been weaving their way around the habitual bits and pieces of my… Read article

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Junket Tweets

Congratulations to @prosthetic on winning the Converse x Dazed Emerging Artists prize. Read his Junket piece here:

17th April 2015 08:18pm

RT @TheBendySlow: So between discovering @idleracademy The Happy Reader & @the_junket I pretty much have my lunchtime article reading sorte…

19th March 2015 02:16pm


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