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We tell our dreams in an effort to interpret them. By voicing the visions that come to us in the night, we believe that we can begin to unravel the threads of fear and desire woven into nighttime enco… Read article

Stig of the Dump

"If you went too near the edge of the chalk pit the ground would give way. Barney had been told this often enough. Everybody had told him. Barney had a feeling, somewhere in his middle, that it was pr… Read article

Talking Time

When I was in the ambivalent early stages of my love affair with Proust, wondering whether it was worth the commitment, well-meaning friends would advise that ʻlifeʼs too shortʼ. A year later and t… Read article

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Monday blues? We've just published a brilliant new short story. Read 'Rufus Emmanuel', by Beci Carver, here:

17th March 2014 06:50pm

Junket contributor Nick Richardson at the @LRB blog on ‘Lorem Ipsum…’: ‘a Renaissance avant-garde masterpiece’.

15th March 2014 01:03am


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