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The Parenting Trap

At dinner in north London the other night, I was wishing – not for the first time – for an off switch to my academic radar. As an anthropologist by training, it’s become habitual to see even the… Read article

The Museum of Broken Relationships

However,when, during routine evictions, I discover alien pants, cinema stubs, the throwawaycomment – on a post–it – or a tiny stowawaypressed flower amid bottom drawers,I know these are my souv… Read article

A Gal in Kalamazoo

In May I went to Kalamazoo, Michigan (pop. 74,000). The town’s attractions include the Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital Water Tower and the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, which in 2000 was voted th… Read article

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Junket Tweets

RT @HannahWestland: 'I'll have the fillet steak and a bowl of chips to myself' - @ZoePilger's top piece on Julia Davis for @the_junket: htt…

15th August 2014 10:18am

@lines_landscape Ah, looks like it was a mistyped link. (Sorry for the delay.) Should have been:

12th August 2014 07:12pm


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