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Pissing into the Wind

There is something particularly funereal in looking, as I am now, at Marcel Duchamp's urinal, or rather – since the original is lost – a 1964 replica placed reverently under a box of museum glass.… Read article

X Please, We’re British

Growing up in America, I spent a good amount of my time reading British literature. Roald Dahl, E. Nesbit and Phillip Pullman were constant companions through my childhood, later replaced by Keats, El… Read article


Last summer, belly full of unborn kid, I went for a plodding sort of walk with my mother round her neighbourhood. We circled the streets, the patch of London where she’s lived for nearly 50 years, w… Read article

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Monday blues? We've just published a brilliant new short story. Read 'Rufus Emmanuel', by Beci Carver, here:

17th March 2014 06:50pm

Junket contributor Nick Richardson at the @LRB blog on ‘Lorem Ipsum…’: ‘a Renaissance avant-garde masterpiece’.

15th March 2014 01:03am


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