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La Guajira

A series of coves pits the coast of Colombia’s Guajira Peninsula as it arcs northward into the Caribbean Sea: the Bahía Portete, the Bahía Honda, the Bahía Hondita. From the ground, these bays ar… Read article

Two Poems

1. Verger On 3 January 1857, Monseigneur Marie-Dominique-Auguste Sibour, the Archbishop of Paris, was assassinated by a priest, Jean-Louis Verger, at the church of St Etienne-du-Mont. The assassin op… Read article

Boy With a Coney

for Ian Patterson Hearing of molten rock which fell to mountains, meeting with three-faced statues on the beaches, returning suddenly to the fact of marble on sand dunes where the wind whips round my… Read article

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Junket Tweets

RT @Jo_Livingstone: leap second day! good day to read this history of the calculation of longitude I wrote for @the_junket…

30th June 2015 10:27pm

RT @SydWritersRoom: Room member @jolennan's fine short story 'A Land of Hope and Glory' is now up at @the_junket …

19th June 2015 06:38pm


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