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History began in a library. The earliest known collections of writing were found near the Sumerian city of Nippur in modern-day Iraq, and for many scholars these earliest libraries mark the beginning … Read article

‘Positive Feedback’: A Game

Number of Players Required: 2+ Recommended Age: -30 weeks plus Players Will Need: Time Mouths Pencil and paper for scoring (optional) PreparationThe postures, gestures and facial expression… Read article


I was engaged to be married once, and then I wasn’t. An ordinary calamity, but pretty personally memorable. I’d expected to feel bereft, and I did, but the grubby embarrassment was a surprise. It … Read article

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Junket Tweets

RT @Tomwmarks: Should a fully grown man love the Monkees? @TimSmith_Laing does: @the_junket

2nd October 2015 10:29am

Junket for your lunchtime perusal? Here's a deft and disturbing history of the Etch A Sketch by @hyenapetticoat -

1st October 2015 12:45pm


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