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  March After all of our readying and careful preparation, the hive sits outside with a What Now? feeling about it, an unnaturally bright near-tangerine beside all of the stripped-down grey… Read article

Cat People

June, 2010. South Africa vibrates with football fever.‘Feel it, it is here’ goes the slogan. South African flags adorn cars across the city, flying from antennae and covering wing mirrors. If you … Read article

Three poems

From What I Remember I snag out each fingernail, deflate my hand to a surgical glove, roll my arms to the elbows like there’s work to be done. I am, it turns out, a reluctant ghost. I am leaving … Read article

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Junket Tweets

Junket 16 is now live! Featuring rabbits, cats, bees, angels, dragons, ghosts and goats

2nd March 2016 02:13pm

RT @Tomwmarks: Should a fully grown man love the Monkees? @TimSmith_Laing does: @the_junket

2nd October 2015 10:29am


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