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‘How those railings stir one’s blood!’

The iron railing is one of the most pervasive yet rarely remarked features of the London cityscape. A form of street furniture that proliferated in the industrial revolution, London’s railings mark … Read article

How to Spend It

How can we comprehend a capital city? You might start with its own consecrated places: the palace, the parliament, the cathedral, the stock exchange. From the top deck of a tourist bus, the story that… Read article

The Parenting Trap

At dinner in north London the other night, I was wishing – not for the first time – for an off switch to my academic radar. As an anthropologist by training, it’s become habitual to see even the… Read article

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15th August 2014 10:18am

@lines_landscape Ah, looks like it was a mistyped link. (Sorry for the delay.) Should have been:

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