Issue Fifteen


Bees and the Keeper

keep, v. To take care of, look to the well-being of; to look after, watch over, tend, have charge of. It was then, in spring’s first balmy days, just as crocus, blackthorn and hazel flowers emerge… Read article


I was engaged to be married once, and then I wasn’t. An ordinary calamity, but pretty personally memorable. I’d expected to feel bereft, and I did, but the grubby embarrassment was a surprise. It … Read article

Lines and Lacks

The past is hidden somewhere outside the realm, beyond the reach of intellect, in some material object (in the sensation which that material object will give us) which we do not suspect. And as for th… Read article

The Rites of Women

My friend Emily is getting married soon, so last weekend I went over to her house and skulked in the bushes outside until her sister – beadily watching from an upstairs window – opened the door an… Read article

Silent Motorcade

One of the most iconic amateur films of the last century was Abraham Zapruder’s footage of the JFK assassination. At only 26.6 seconds it has grown to become a visual touchstone of 1960s America, sp… Read article

Where the Rot Set In

‘I don’t want to do this any more, man,’ says Micky. He looks past the camera as two arrows whistle into the belly of his cavalry costume. ‘These fake arrows, and this junk, and the fake tree… Read article

‘Positive Feedback’: A Game

Number of Players Required: 2+ Recommended Age: -30 weeks plus Players Will Need: Time Mouths Pencil and paper for scoring (optional) Preparation The postures, gestures and facial expressio… Read article


History began in a library. The earliest known collections of writing were found near the Sumerian city of Nippur in modern-day Iraq, and for many scholars these earliest libraries mark the beginning … Read article

Two Ballads, North

  Ruined Mills of Leek  We drove by the ruined mills of Leek In the dead time of the year When the land had become like a faded song We could no longer hear.   Down where the mouldering sandst… Read article

Stopping Places

Messenger’s Meadow.  Butler’s Down.  Fuzzy Lodge.  Shripney Corner.  Picket Twenty.  Shalden Green.  I’ve tried Googling these places, but it’s usually pointless. Each one is a ‘… Read article