Close to Home

The 6th November, 2001 is not a day in which history is especially interested. But those who watched Fox in the US that evening might remember it. The first episode of 24 had been put back so as not t… Read article

On Vision

I’ve got one party trick. True, I can mildly impress a limp reveller with my hyper-mobile elbows, I can fit my entire fist into my mouth, and once I nearly met my (suffocated, messy) end during a … Read article

Petrol Stations

Do you drive? I do not, cannot and will not, but my borderline phobic attitude to the motor car exists in tandem with a genuine, epicurean love for the smell of petrol; just as the olfactory bang of f… Read article

We Are Now Beginning Our Descent

‘If you’re gonna spew, spew into this.’ Wayne’s World (1992) It was one of the first times I’d flown, and my delight in the mountain tops and puffs of cloud through the window was disrupte… Read article


This year the London Underground celebrated its sesquicentennial. A hundred and fifty years, that is, since the first steam trains puffed their way beneath the streets from Paddington to Farringdon in… Read article

Drunk Monks

Imagine this: a couple of official-looking suits roll up to your place of work, twist their ties up to 11, and demand – with no apparent good reason – that you close up shop. That’s it, they say… Read article

Invisible Watch

Whatever happened to my invisible watch? I can't have lost it. I don't remember a day when it disappeared. Was there a time when I still wore it underneath my Swatch watch or Casio? Is it buried at th… Read article

61 Days

61 Days documents the time I spent last year living in an apartment in Little Italy with my friend Jessie as she created a new life for herself in New York. … Read article